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Hello! My name is Toni Spruell, pronouns she/her. While thriving during breast cancer for much of 2016, I would gaze at an old, unused garage in my backyard. It felt like there was some kind of healing reverberating from that space. It would be years, but I, along with my partner Justin, completed construction on that building we nicknamed 'The Yoga Shack' in 2019. My dream was to create a space that my family could enjoy but also felt inclusive and welcoming to new ideas, classes, and other community offerings while remaining Pay-It-Forward donation-based. I'm a Colorado certified classroom and PE teacher and I’ve been leading kids yoga in schools, on farms, and other public spaces in Fort Collins since 2013. I deeply believe in learning from people around me, living a life filled with joy and gratitude, while also questioning societal norms that seem to be widely accepted. My privilege has allowed me to miss and perpetuate the cultural appropriation and racism that has been happening in many western yoga spaces for far too long. I am failing forward everyday. A yoga practice IS a practice in social justice. These feelings inform and guide my practice and teaching which is focused on honoring the roots of yoga while providing a space for kids and teens to better connect to themselves and their surroundings.

Right now- in the time of COVID- the Yoga Shack has temporarily closed it's doors. We hope to re-open sometime in the spring of 2021.


The Yoga Shack offers small group, registration required, kids day camps. All camps are listed on our Camps/Events page. We have no drop-in or special classes at this time. If our donation choices don't fit your budget, send us an email. We turn no child away regardless of ability to pay if there is space in the camp!!  You need not have any yoga experience to attend. Nor should you feel the need to look or act a certain way. Show up in jeans, pajamas, stretchy pants, work clothes, whatever. Come as your full self as the world needs authenticity now more than ever.


The studio is in a residential neighborhood. Please respect our space and privacy by coming only during class times and entering and leaving the property quietly. Yoga mats and props can be borrowed from the studio for classes or feel free to bring your own. Cash donations can be accepted at the studio. You can also use the PayPal link at the top of this website or PayPal your teacher directly before or after class.


Questions? Concerns? Just ask! 

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